Why buying a property in Guardamar del Segura is a Smart Choice

Investing in the future: Why buying a property in Guardamar del Segura is a Smart Choice?

Why buying a property in Guardamar del Segura is a smart choice?

Due to its beautiful beaches, mild climate, excellent amenities, convenient location, natural surroundings, and growing real estate market. Here we tell you more…

Guardamar del Segura is a beautiful coastal town located in the province of Alicante, Spain. It is situated on the Costa Blanca and is renowned for its pristine beaches, rich cultural heritage, mild climate, with over 300 days of sunshine each year, and delicious gastronomy. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about Guardamar del Segura and why buying a property here is a smart choice.

Mediterranean environment

New Build Apartments with Sea View For Sale in Guardamar del Segura
Dunas de Guardamar del Segura

Guardamar del Segura is blessed with a beautiful Mediterranean climate, making it the perfect destination for sun-seekers. The town is surrounded by nature parks, salt lakes, and pine forests, providing plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, and bird watching. The Segura River runs through the town, adding to its natural beauty. Moreover, it provides a peaceful and idyllic backdrop for outdoor activities like picnicking and cycling.

Stunning coastal gems

New Build Apartments with Sea View For Sale in Guardamar del Segura
Beaches of Guardamar del Segura

Guardamar del Segura has some of the most stunning beaches in the region, with over 11 kilometers of sandy coastline. The beaches are well-maintained and have excellent facilities, including showers, toilets, and sun loungers. The sea is warm and calm, making it ideal for. Swimming, sunbathing, and water sports such as paddleboarding and kayaking.

Exploring Local Heritage and Traditions

Guardamar del Segura has a rich cultural heritage, with a history dating back to Roman times. The town has several landmarks and monuments, including the Castle of Guardamar, which was built in the 10th century and is now a cultural center. The Archaeological Museum of Guardamar del Segura houses artifacts from the Bronze Age to the Roman period.

Festival “Moros y Cristianos” in Guardamar del Segura

Living the Mediterranean Lifestyle

New Build Apartments with Sea View For Sale in Guardamar del Segura
Restaurant in the Port of Guardamar

Guardamar del Segura is a lively town, with a vibrant community of locals and expats. The town has plenty of bars, restaurants, and shops, there are regular events and festivals throughout the year and of course the beaches which are a daily ritual. The town is well-connected, with excellent transport links to other parts of the region, including Alicante and Murcia airports.

Savouring Mediterranean Culinary Delights

“Lemon Tree” Sunday Market in Guardamar del Segura

Guardamar del Segura is famous for its delicious Mediterranean cuisine, with plenty of fresh seafood and locally grown produce. The town has numerous restaurants and bars serving traditional dishes such as paella, seafood stews, and grilled fish etc. The local wine is also highly recommended, with several vineyards in the region.

And of course, if you like tasty and healthy food and have a good time. You should definitely visit Guardamar Market on Wednesday and “Lemon Tree Market” on Sunday. Here you can not only buy local fresh vegetables and fruits, but also enjoy a great atmosphere with live music, international bars and restaurants!

Buying a property in Guardamar del Segura or nearby

Guardamar del Segura is an excellent place to invest in property, with a range of properties to suit all budgets. The town has a good selection of apartments, townhouses, and villas, many of which are within walking distance of the beach.

In 2021, the average price for a property in Guardamar del Segura ranged from around €80,000 to €400,000. The lower end of the range typically includes smaller apartments or older properties, while the higher end of the range includes larger and newer properties located closer to the beach or with other desirable features.

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Top selling

The nearby towns of Rojales and Ciudad Quesada are also popular with expats, offering a more relaxed pace of life and stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

When buying a property in Guardamar del Segura or nearby, it is essential to work with a reputable estate agent who can help you navigate the local property market. It is also important to consider factors such as location, amenities, and potential rental income if you are planning to rent out your property.

So, feel free to contact us if you want to receive the most up-to-date and useful information about buying property here. Our agency is based in Guardamar del Segura and we have access to all properties on the local market and will be happy to find the right option for you.

New Build Apartments with Sea View For Sale in Guardamar del Segura

In conclusion, Guardamar del Segura is a fantastic destination for anyone looking for sun, sea, and sand. With its beautiful beaches, its climate, rich culture, and delicious gastronomy, the town has something to offer everyone. Whether you are looking to invest in property or simply enjoy a holiday, Guardamar del Segura is well worth a visit.

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